Montreal Condo Proposal

The first time Rachelle told me about Alvy I was living in Australia. I had no proper means to vet him out 😂 and he barely had any photos to stalk 👀LOL. 

But finally the day came for me to meet him in person for Brunch. I remember leaning over the table and telling him “I know with your work you deal with financials and risk assessment, so I’ll speak to you in those terms…. there is ZERO risk with this woman. You don’t have to be afraid about INVESTING into her. Rachelle is fiercely loyal and loving. You’ve truly hit the Jackpot ❤️! “

I know now that is true of them BOTH!!
Screaming CONGRATS to these two!!!!
Show ‘em some love in the comments 🎉.

Ps. Rachelle low-key threatened last night to take me off bridesmaids duty to be their wedding photographer 😂. We’ve know each other for 28 years…I want to be present for all of it.

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