I'm Sherina Shantelle!
A Lifestyle and Couples photographer who believes in  Celebrating the Everyday.

Oh Hello!

Wife. Mother. Dreamer. Mentor. Encourager.

My photography journey started 11 years ago. I am self-taught, although I've invested my fair share in mastering my craft. I was mentored by one of Sydney, Australia's top fine art photographers for 3 years.

I'm a storyteller through and through. It's in my bones. Being genuinely curious about others and what makes them, them...is my superpower.

 I am most known for being an Encourager
( you will never feel small in front of my lens )! 

I am a Jesus lovin’, adventure seeking, chai latte drinking woman from Montreal,Canada. I believe in Celebrating the Everyday and not just waiting for the ‘Big Moments’.

I PROMISE; you do not need to be a professional model or know how to pose! 

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Ya Girl Just got Married to the Love of my life!

09/19/2021 ♡.

I've got 27 plants and counting! it's gotten to the point where i avoid the plant aisle in shops.

I lived in Sydney, Australia for 3 years. 

Photo captured by
the fabulous Jessica samyn

I want to have a photoshoot in the Sand Dunes.

No. 1

No. 2

Visit My Sponsor Children in Haiti &
The Philippines.

No. 3

Write a Book for Creative Daring Women.

No. 4

Visit Bali and Ride An Elephant

No. 5

Capture a Couples Session in the Rain or a waterfall!

No. 6

Capture and tell the story of an intimate Elopement

No. 7

Book a shoot with YOU!
No but seriously, if you made it to #7 I think the feelings are mutual aha.

My Bucket List